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Coded with Care!

website hosting and design

Inaccurate and 'Sloppy' coding causes errors and those visiting your site will not be able to view your web pages as they should and will, in exasperation, move to another site with better presentations. What does this tell you? Bad coding loses customers!

Responsive Layout

website hosting and design

A year ago responsive pages had hardly been heard of, today it is a necessity. With such a variation in screen size webpages often overspill the screen. All our websites are built with responive pages, which means they can are viewed correctly no matter the equipment used.

Fully Scripted

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Software and Hardware are almost out of date as soon as you have bought it or downloaded it. New drivers, software scripts are all required almost on a daily basis. Our service provides the very latest uptodate script management to enusre your system is working to the peak of performance.

Fully Customizable

website hosting and design

Want to change something on your website, either you can do it, or we can! It's as simply as that, if you don't want to do it, we will, just tell us what you want changed and it will be done. No questions, grumbles or denials, we will simply get on with it!

Image Galleries

website hosting and design

One picture is worth a 1,000 words, which says it all! The importance of imagery in a website is as important as putting fuel in a car. Pictures tell a story and all good websites use strong imagery. We will ensure your website displays all your images to their best effect to give maximum impact to your displays.

Perfect Marketing

website hosting and design

So you have website! Now tell me, who knows it's there? The internet is the biggest information medium ever created and your website is just 1 of Millions! So what you need now is traffic and we will help you plan a campaign to maximise a good return on your investment.

About Us

Weblink-uk is a privately owned Computer Services Business, specialising in website design, website hosting and marketing. We also offer a Computer Repair and Maintenance Service and provide 1 to 1 training and tutorials in webpage design and software functionality.

Why Choose Us

Our phylosophy is simple! we value our customers, we value your custom and we respect you as customers throughout all our transactions. We will provide our best attentions at all times and endeavour to give 100% satisfaction in all our services.

We operate a Nofix Nofee policy, if we cannot resolve your problem or fix your computer, we will not charge for our time.

B.Meadows - Proprietor Weblink-uk.com


Our portfolio is your portfolio, we can provide royalty free imagery we have over 600,000 images to match any situation or need, or we can airbrush and change any image you may provide, again to suit exactly your specfic need. Please note, we can only work on copyright and royalty free imagery.

Our Skills





Services we provide!

In todays computer dominated market place, no one person can say they have 100% knowledge, experience and skill of all the products available. Why? Computerization is the fastest moving and fastest changing market in the world and we are always learning new skills about new equipment, new software, new techniques and new applications. Even technical advisors at Microsoft are not 100% knowledgable about all Microsofts products, or for that matter, each departmental activities.

We provide our service in the following sectors

Our Clients

Here is a short representative list of the websites and domains we have designed, built and host. Our business is highly flexible and we can provide a total or modular service to suit your needs and budget.

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